Audition Information

Auditions and Production Interviews for


Alluvion Stage Company is now accepting professional video submissions with resume/headshot attached until May 1. Video auditions should include:
  • 32 measures of a classic Broadway musical ballad
  • 20-30 second romantic monologue
  • A short example of your dance ability

Please be prepared for us to send you sides or a portion of a song to record and send to us as a callback. Those auditioning for the Fiddler should include a sample of your playing ability. All professionals should email your audition submission to by May 1. Rehearsals begin August 16. Performances run September 17-October 3.


Performance Roles Available

  • The Fiddler
  • Tevye
  • Golde
  • Lazar
  • Yente
  • Constable
  • Shandel/Fruma-Sarah
  • Mirila/Grandma Tzeitel
  • Avram
  • Mordcha
  • Rabbi
  • Russian Dancers
  • Villagers


Production Positions Available

Production professionals should email a cover letter and resume to by May 1. Positions available:
  • Stage Manager
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Props Manager
  • Wardrobe Manager
  • Hair & Makeup Supervisor